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What we do

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Web Platform

The Web Platform team builds the foundation for all Uber web applications. We are responsible for providing a performant, secure, and reliable web ecosystem for riders and drivers as well as Uber’s internal operations and logistics teams with developer tools, systems, and frameworks. Our primary goal is to make Uber’s web engineers productive and ensure high quality web applications.

Mobile Architecture

This team defines Uber's mobile architecture and a documented set of principles that allows other engineers to design, build, and ship new features confidently and quickly. From architectural patterns to storage and UI frameworks, we create an ecosystem of easy-to-use development tools that work reliably and performantly.

Mobile Performance

The Mobile Performance team helps make Uber apps run faster. From improving startup time to maintaining a high frame rate, we keep things snappy.


The Mobile Networking team makes the networking of Uber apps as reliable and fast as possible across the diverse markets in which we operate, pushing the boundaries of scale.

Developer Experience

The Developer Experience team empowers mobile engineers at Uber to ship quality code, fast.

Test Infrastructure

The Test Infrastructure team enables Uber engineers to test and ship high quality apps faster and more efficiently.


The Experimentation team helps Uber engineers to understand the data behind our products with a best in class testing platform. As a mobile-first and global company, Uber platforms must work across many different apps, devices, and networks. In addition to traditional A/B testing, we enable teams to analyze the impact of proposed changes or features in marketplaces with complex interaction effects and dynamics.

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The Uber Engineering Blog

Learn more about Uber's mobile and web development on our eng blog.

Architecting Uber’s New Driver App in RIBs

In our continuing series about building our new driver app, Uber engineers discuss designing the architecture of the mobile app using RIBs, our open source mobile development framework.

Why We Decided to Rewrite Uber’s Driver App

Uber engineers outline how we came to the resource-intensive decision to rewrite, rather than migrate or update, our driver app.