Our platform makes it easy for engineers to develop new features based on real data. We create tools that give product managers and data scientists detailed and actionable analytics on how specific features perform with users. Our algorithms and methodologies (e.g. multi-armed bandit) also help teams run the most streamlined and effective tests.

  • Rock Solid Infrastructure - Our backend experimental systems are on the critical path for every request to Uber apps, playing a key role in delivering a consistent and seamless experience to all Uber users. We also develop custom mobile SDKs to work with our custom app architectures and perform in a variety of conditions such as poor connectivity and low-end devices.
  • Performant Data Analysis - Our data services process billions of data points to provide the most accurate analysis possible. This analysis must be provided in a fast, efficient, and reliable way.
  • Data Visualization - Visualizations and interactions can help teams better understand test results by surfacing tangible insights. Our analysis helps them optimize features for a more meaningful impact.
  • Autonomous Deploys - We are constantly looking for ways to make every aspect of testing easier, safer, and faster. We use developing methodologies that respond instantly to changes in the data-so we can confidently roll out or rollback changes to prevent a broken experience.