Test Infrastructure

Uber’s speed and scale leads to unique challenges for mobile testing. We want to stay nimble, learn, and iterate quickly while releasing products that enhance the lives of our users. New and existing challenges arise from a number of variables including increases in the number of engineering teams contributing to the codebase, the size of the codebase, the number of distinct apps and verticals, number of users, diversity of regions/locales, and specific technologies supporting the codebase.

Exhibiting a sound testing strategy and stable automation is essential to our mobile applications’ quality and reliability. Mobile Test Platform is focused on creating a state-of-the-art testing infrastructure which helps mobile engineers be more productive and test easily, quickly, and more comprehensively.

We’re designing tools that can automatically determine relevant cases that need to run and the optimum OS/device combination whenever a developer submits a new feature,. In this kind of environment, bugs, memory leaks, and performance regressions are immediately detected and flagged. When the diff successfully lands, comprehensive tests automatically run to provide an additional quality signal. Important production scenarios can be exercised before the developer releases to production, establishing further confidence in the build. Imagine developing without manual sanity tests -- simply push a button and watch your app come to life!

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